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Fake Degree and In a Row

Spat of fake degree cases after the state, municipal and main elections is not new but yet has not become a matter of urgency. By this scale, when we are offered news about Delhi Law minister Jitender Singh Tomar having forged law degree we are tend to get shocked. Without any premises where should now we look for some idealization.

Even an appreciation course in governance for the interested candidates of various parties would have been a good resolution. Can we imagine, if a political party tries to excuse itself to having field an inappropriate candidate in an abruptness? Various political portfolios come with several important fragmented sub fields. If for the general masses, it is about father, mother, sister, brother and relatives in a family, for a minister it is about constitution, state/region/country, statistics, Diaspora, and a crude amalgamation of many related facts.

We, voters may still not be much educated everywhere to practice our voting right properly. However, the fielding candidates are not merely an apostle of a current cause affecting us but represent many salient features of our democracy which we believe to have voted them for. It is a huge mockery of democratic system when falsities like fake degree surfaces like the fake signature a terrified student attempts on one’s report card.

Though any political party cannot be adjudged on the amount of this misdemeanor but to inculcate the members on basis of some core values is appreciable and expected. India has a past history when their leaders were popular because strong ideological viewpoints. Besides the political study since the memory of freedom struggle is yet running through many families and prominent figures like Mahatma Gandhi are so very relevant even in today’s world. How exemplary were they who exudes their national values almost as a lineage that the people voted them for their personality, blindfolding. They delivered. These kind of record by the current political parties and sans ideologies, is this going to take India anywhere. Would the present day situations of diplomacy and intense negotiations which delineate from strong freedom struggle we saw will make us understand our position in the world.

These are long and wide questions and that is why we are desperate to at least exempt the country and states from such misadventure.


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