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Maggi, The Harm Has Been Done

Checkmate is here finally with the Delhi government putting a ban and other states actively involved in testing the sample. With confirmation on high lead trace, it is sad what Maggi has done to us less in 2-minutes. Ideally, there are hardly such Proper snacks that can be eaten at any meal time with addition of vegetables and even dals. Indian mothers and housewives made it so popular that Maggi is almost rebranding themselves into their kitchens as masala additives, soups and other recipe products.

Looking at the nutrient levels, it is too not a bad choice but the fair mask is unveiled and now it has turned into a query on 2-minutes meals for youngsters and staying outstation students and job seekers. The fine point is the adversity is no harm here because the food is plenty and anywhere from small kiosks to restaurants are always chipping out the regular dishes to their customers.

The government has also called on celebrities endorsing the product citing the reasons, the affect of which is omnipresent. Search for quick recipes and you cannot miss noodle recipes scattered on most websites and blogs, even by an average blogger. Any day, any event, any evening is flourishing on the gooey, nice and nifty stories of Maggi meals. However, the concept of healthy breakfast, tasty meals, get together meals, feel happy meals is soon evaporating.

Maggi is a cultural totem and right before, leaving the home without breakfast but with a spoonful of sweetened curd cannot arrive as by magic. On the brink of active life, new projects and urban life/traveling life/transfer life, health is an important factor. The Government has not ignored an important fact, perhaps more than the sanitation drive that it launched earlier. Cleanliness cannot be ignored because though without it know it is better to be sick than being with the cause. The nation that could slumber unknowingly into a mammoth of another drudgery of toxin as lead. Among being dangerous to all body organs, it impacts nervous system affecting the learning abilities.

Common symptoms are so placed as they reflect the misplaced conception of harm of general issues we are embroiled in. These are headaches, insomnia, pain in extremities, abdominal pain, tremors, etc.
Thus, the happy meals suddenly becomes a reclusive diet which gives a self impression of merry-go-round life. Maggi cannot be solely responsible, toxins are entered in our system via cold drinks, pizzas, preserved meals and drinks, processed foods. The option to cook less and at a speed plus a mutual appreciation for the food choice is taking this generation in an unhealthy direction. The counter has been achieved. It is yet to see what is becoming gradually acceptable to other countries, would be in practical resolved by us or not.


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