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Monday Prayers

Saketri Temple, Panchkula
Saketri Temple, Panchkula
My talkative mind stops, being Monday does not matters but for office goers. My temptation comes from the root of who I am. It is during the breakfast which I try to wait over before I offer my prayers to God Shiva, Maa Parvati and Lord Ganesha. As usual unlike anything the whiteness of milk pouring over Shivlinga, slowly the Rupas emerge before my eyes. Beginning is subtle, thereby dhop dena to the idols what is unseen, undiscovered, undecipherable enters into their own realm. 

Meditation is of forms, one which always detaches from the visions or thoughts that are redundant in life to focus on inner energy and gain ability to utilize it. I believe however, meditation in Shaivism context is based on attachment. Confused? So, the balance between corporate, social, societal, legal etiquette are certainly driving the world crazy but every these are derived from a great religion, which in India probably is Hinduism. Without naming it, the food gluttony, aspirin over the counter, buildup of recycle material for a single woman like me can be injurious without any counseling or guidance from any quarters. A minute by minute life elapses even for those settled in joint family, hardly any these days, and on particular day one is able to rejoice and thank for the blessings and joy.

These miniscule enormities like sighs soon preceded by calm rendition of “OM NAMAY SHIVAY” bring a shower of peace. I read somewhere in a novel perhaps, how a person in lurking distress was consistent in offering gratitude to his/her personal deity but unavoidable cannot be detected, even avoided. I do not want to agree or disagree because Bhakti is a karma and in it salvation has its path, something you will witness and would not be permitted to doubt about. Between the prayer ritual, I am really sensitive because my doshas perfect me at one occasion and hold me responsible at another. The incense scent from the directions of temples, paternal home, other religious places which I have attended earlier sometimes vividly flow during prayer. There are long and wide stories keeping me accommodated as per se on my religious path.


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