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The Reform of The Saint

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The saint who sat idolatry under a huge saffron tree, not a word spoken and a serpentine queue to this far-reaching end with steps in faith. Many at life's end journey sought blessings and thought to have passed to heaven finally in the God's demi-persona.

The saint chooses to wander away out of repercussions of his own adulterous past. Choosing however cannot be without consequences as a matter of fact, being a recluse, learning to live on meager, anyone could notice and find a connection from a village to village and in city, it spreads through Facebook. Finally, he commits the worldly error to enunciate as modern baba and caused grief also without strings with those who work in their manner on a religious path.
The common man asks the question but not the common sense of its own individuality and forming an attitude whereby one impacts the society. No one should. However, long no one single constantly without a cause could be with the saint and neither was the saint replenished his powers soon as he thought of being evolved.

The one with a disastrous end is in awareness of consequences yet who to belief in rather than whether to belief in or why to belief in. In today's world, the personal world is shattered and away with the why, what, how and of reasons. The saint has achieved what redemption, he would not have otherwise by taking on holy path and being a confused mind. Does the one or the society is responsible for the whims and disguised avatars of modern man?

In India and otherwise too, there has been cases where it is considered acceptable to have reprimanded a person of one's act out of legal necessity, may be too brutal. In families too, even if it leads to toxic attitudes like incest, idolatry, etc. The other half is always neglected because basic karma is often neglected in comparison to the offense which is generally bigger in comparison. Just a simple witness in a murder case may not add to the whole testimony against the defaulter but died of same consequences, whether directly or indirectly. May be we don't expect supranatural justice from the Supreme court but should we accept getting lucky in a lottery draw on a ticket purchased per chance in another state or over a vacation. The only memories are good, fortunate but not of justice, morality.

The reform of the Saint is pointing to justice system that yes, supranatural ideas exist but not without a validity. That saint should not be a lingering host on the society for treatment to be provided judicially. To seek the extraneous components to the system working in civil manner is not a supranatural demand. If the good conduct of the saint has to go with the excuse, let it be with the best of blow from the humanity.


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