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Yoga – Seeing as a Practitioner

Is it really about the choice? Every time, there is a question which takes later on form of secularism we forget how much spend time accusing each other and religion.

Today we have everything except that strongly suggests religion relevancy such as Burka, Pardah, Ghunghat endorsed in common context. It is funny how a person akin to one’s religion cannot get away with teasing because he might mistake a women belonging to other culture and/or religion being unlike. Even strong statements such as Chunaris, Saris even Burka have been popularly romanticized becoming a fashion zeal or wardrobe essentials. People are not being heard while the leaders representing them are unheard over their Facebook walls because seriously they can’t be.
Under what veracity, the debate arises. It is not serious unless the discussion gets diverted and for longer time as the nation still crumbles under the scams and corruption cases of the past. Everyone needs a breather but not a commotion.

There is no maths to do, simply putting Yoga out of Hinduism context is not going to help anyone. It is science not a smoke rising in the air, you can imagine of shapes of animals, moods, situations or under your own belief some supernatural experience.

Not singularly profit and success can be derived from an ancient health practice. It is an addiction that knows of its relevancy and fears of its implications. Yoga already being well established is more likely to be satirized.

Introducing Surya Namaskar in schools only demonstrates that the Sun as one of the most influencing natural force (in Hindu context the Surya god) despite your position and to be in consonant will only be beneficial.

Complete Yoga courses cannot be taught in the schools, unless under sports curriculum. Again, the question is of being a ray of sun or sunshine which can only be a trauma if the Yoga suddenly becomes a tantaric course, psychological method such as hypnotics or religious such as circumambulation.

No one actually can defend Yoga because great saints actually used yogic positions to invoke deities, to gain knowledge. Here, the fear of Muslim leaders that it might be a conversion or a digression is purely flimsy. By this rate, listening to Azan, sufi songs can lead to delusions, hallucinations and other problems. It is important Muslims should learn what the Yoga is, how the transition occurs and no child’s play when it is implemented on higher planes of spirituality.

The first and foremost question, believe me, in this internet age when everyone is expressing even after having access of GBs appears to be pure fictional or asking for a space. We deduce from this point that we should keenly follow you and hope next time there is some progression.


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