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APJ Abdul Kalam

A golden heart, spirited and psyched,
the sparks of mind and soul
he envisioned for the motherland,
and the grit and determination
to go beyond,
let every time of his life
devoted, streaming in wisdom
reach all equal,
we mourn, as he too knew,
to work hard and not to leisure around
his loss.
He knew the vision of that twinkling eye,
to enlist for bright future their burning replies.
The one who shaped in peace the nation
with space and missile missions,
his words spoken in scientific temper
and reachable goals,
he loved the young and children the most.

Pinning Moon

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Oh! pinning moon
if I told about the shadows
will you be bothered
because always cut to a slice
most of my nights
you are present
like a daydream.
The day tide is lull
the only other companion
sometimes would be a skylark
by the jettison net holding
some ripples back,
too swallowed by a sea,
or too disguised to be me.
Will my tale be as wonderful
as the lighthouse shore
which shines yet still
its siren to the waves play
your song,
or the lost tunes
I must have silently hummed
only the weeping ocean
and anchored boats must
sail through.

Parliament Logjam, How Far to Go

Corruption has become a popular motto since the last election took place, even with rise of new party AAP. With each new case, the action is against all the parties equal for example, in case of fake degrees and observation of electoral practices.

However, latest Vyapam case has generated again an interest. There has been several movements started since BJP came to power, Swach Bharat, Save the Girl Child, Make in India and International Yoga day. There has been some constructive reviews about the renewed situation in India. AAP since its reelection in Delhi has been working on improving the municipal and electricity, water agendas. The question stands as valid as it has been a practice of opposition parties to sought the resignation of concerned ministers but has been there any solution.

Corruption is a common weed that does require monsoons to sprung over in India. Why? Because we do not make anyone accountable for their actions. The State government is not supranaturall…

How to Pakistan On Ceasefire Violation

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For Poets and Twitterati, perhaps the best thing is the ceasefire violation by Pakistan. No, please don't label me as traitor here. By saying so, I mean we do not require to hold a literary mushaira or fest in the valley but as our hearts are always spilling the secrets of a good heart, we should not exempt ourselves in rending them online or through papers too.
It is true as the role of jester in various Shakespearean novels, famously King Lear only noteworthy that neighbor becomes important here, we can about illustrate the valley weather. Only difference is Kashmiris might learn to laugh at little Pakistani misadventures with as accuracy as our forces update on various news channels how they have tackled them on the front.
Here are some from me:
a drone is down
but the don and w…

Wandering Reformist - Haiku Sequence

Tale of a wandering reformist (Haiku Sequence)

tiger's prowess in midst
the black thunder calls
him to distant land

breath of a carnivorous
will ever a tribal dance
the same way

the infirmity
of a drop from the sky
too a drain

to love is
what he have always
known to be his

to die as one
the bearer of all sins,

Rain Haiku Sequence

बारिश की बूंदे
टपकी एक एक कर
झड़ पड़ी

कह रही
जाती हुई शोख हवा
जा रही हूँ

मर्म दिल
बैठ खिड़की के पास
देखे अंबर बदलो का 

fell one by one
in the torrent

the passing breeze
it is passing

soft heart
sitting by a window
watches the sky of clouds


A small city,
how oft I pass by
this garden bench
pruning through the grass,
scatter of Kachnar and dewdrops
to the misty shores of far
where I fear the smoke
has risen,
I take all the waters of my lake
to extinguish it,
and return.
There is my peace
I might still have to
lung some air,
some grin of those greyheads
know me for
no reason
and a part of sky
where the breeze has
settled on the branches,
I the freedom bird now must rest.