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How to Pakistan On Ceasefire Violation

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For Poets and Twitterati, perhaps the best thing is the ceasefire violation by Pakistan. No, please don't label me as traitor here. By saying so, I mean we do not require to hold a literary mushaira or fest in the valley but as our hearts are always spilling the secrets of a good heart, we should not exempt ourselves in rending them online or through papers too.
It is true as the role of jester in various Shakespearean novels, famously King Lear only noteworthy that neighbor becomes important here, we can about illustrate the valley weather. Only difference is Kashmiris might learn to laugh at little Pakistani misadventures with as accuracy as our forces update on various news channels how they have tackled them on the front.
Here are some from me:
a drone is down
but the don and what's the bill
the luxury
of knowing what's on your side,
what's on ours.
seven rings
around the mountains
nothing is so bemusing as
a treacherous trek and an overflowing river
to cross with thoughts
and hear a drone (not of us) is dead.
I hope the readers will add from their side and tell next time how they feel about Pakistan. That is coming from a neighbor.


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