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Parliament Logjam, How Far to Go

Corruption has become a popular motto since the last election took place, even with rise of new party AAP. With each new case, the action is against all the parties equal for example, in case of fake degrees and observation of electoral practices.

However, latest Vyapam case has generated again an interest. There has been several movements started since BJP came to power, Swach Bharat, Save the Girl Child, Make in India and International Yoga day. There has been some constructive reviews about the renewed situation in India. AAP since its reelection in Delhi has been working on improving the municipal and electricity, water agendas. The question stands as valid as it has been a practice of opposition parties to sought the resignation of concerned ministers but has been there any solution.

Corruption is a common weed that does require monsoons to sprung over in India. Why? Because we do not make anyone accountable for their actions. The State government is not supranaturally ordained to be able to check everyone' actions. That is why we have police and justice system in place. The involvement of ministers require a proper investigation and study. Since our electoral rights are not a privilege for the politics, will they ever think of harm from the fire before spreading it.
The people interest has to be respected in manner that does not jeopardize the concept of democracy. If half of the ministers are made to resign, then the validity of election is lost. More appropriately being the ruling and opposition parties in strength for the topics, both should not behave tyrannically because only someone of stature Anna Hazare could be able to tell a problem from such situation.

Meanwhile, it is sad that this monsoon session eight bills including The Prevention of Corruption Bill, The Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill have to be discussed and passed but no action has been taken till now. Thus, we are gripping ourselves with fear because we are aware what matters most to us in a stable government, the bills.

Corruption root out of failure of human actions which themselves are regulated by various bills. Does the opposition think that this country should continue to run like a lame and lamented companion? They need to answer our questions before letting the rains run dry.


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