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Monsoon Revival

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So, you skipped but didn’t. You let the whisper with your friend heard across. The colleague went to supervisor and his screening eyes watched you go to washroom followed by your friend. After all, there is no rule who and how will one leaves the bay. The prepared confirmed the suspicion and then tick tok the office watch moved close to one hour after lunch. Another hour and preferably 30 minutes to end of office shift, there is still no escape.

No excuse, no entry into the office manager’s room to seek a let off. Finally just seconds after your shift is over giving a courteous smile to your supervisor, you and your friend leave the office.
What is in there? The monsoons. Here in India, it is possible to have fun with or without the water swelling up in the lanes or the roads, the mood is brimming. It is no longer long shifts, weird working hours, traffic but the access to everything done with a single click making the life comfortable. The tricks and tips are renovating in sense.

The common sense is not so the hot soup still one has fallen in. One does it at only leisure. There is no dearth of one getting struck in the back and narrow lanes just before the heavy clouds chose to inundate with flushing waters from rooftops of the high buildings. The sliding marks are only accidental or those visiting the place for the first time.

The main roads, the safest ones with timeless concrete and smoothness are taken over by the traffic from the highways. It is still mystery how people come out of their street lanes, preferably putting sheets around their shoes or plastic boots. Open slippers are definitely so in fashion during monsoons, some gyrating factors keeping them still interesting.

At same time, I am curious of gushing waterfalls in open manholes or in the trenches dug to lay wires. Some of the meadows on the main highways strongly reflect that genuinely it is possible to find wildlife sooner near. The men especially, form a good company, being so natural.

The not-so-harmful jokes are definitely not advisable. Keep your boss happy, especially during monsoons. They drive through straight roads at relaxed hours and do not even know about road rage.


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