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Privacy Matters - Does it Supreme Court

A statement by Supreme Court few weeks back about the right to privacy not being constitutionally added to the fundamental rights of citizens is both disheartening and an example of lacuna vision.
Privacy is important everywhere, in each fields. It is by the worth of privacy different judiciary roles are vested among the officers in a hierarchy. The different departments correlate to each other by carefully studying what forms the crucial, important and ethical information. Another fact of privacy is security. Armed forces, banks, businesses, healthcare, education and even job sector are not secure if the data about their functioning and those involved with them is openly shared.

Nations play the card of tough ground position of each other to deal among themselves. There is no way we openly can discuss our national security. However, we have much improved by acquiring latest weaponry and our soldiers have latest field techniques and skills. Yet, we do not superfluously indulge in issues without giving it first a peaceful thought.

Banks thrive on strong encryption and passwords to provide financial strength to their customers. Is it okay to elucidate to everyone with mere an interest about one’s financial assets.
Businesses are judged by their market value, ROI, and find a tough competition on various tender notices. A single act of misinformation has been crucial in judging the reputation but also leaked information leads to instability and indecision. There could not more tough metrics than what is substantially required by them and thus, privacy is here a rule.

In healthcare, the funds are scarce and health insurance is still a distance dreams for millions up and below the poverty line. In this scenario often the wise decision is made from the circumstances in this country. It is sometimes circumstantial too. To study some epidemic or more relevant diseases, the funds are prioritized. Many other schemes if so openly discussed, a layperson could feel dumb because one can only challenge and even 50 years of pinning on courts cannot bring results. The problem is elsewhere. In these cases privacy is not a problem but ineffectiveness is. It is however, very threatening to destabilize the system because some truth is known, even if half.

The same is about education and job sector, though minimal problems but they require sensitive handling by the education departments. More so, there is consistently changing situation in our country and the best challenge is our human resource which immediately settles not just to be independently responsible but to strengthen the whole.

Privacy is controversial at places where it leads to poor resolution of problem but largely it hardly a base. The facts lie somewhere else. There has to be a visionary like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Anna Hazare who tell us that we can build much stronger us and the nation without bringing her to knees.

Hope our government and Supreme Court will too take into notice these minor edges. Hope the situations can be contained. If the solutions are not feasible or cannot be imagined at least we remain lawful and respect privacy.


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