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God's Precinct

O! Divine
I am bond to You
now when I have fulfilled my commitments
and the world is as dark as to begin with,
I seek the same,
from where I have arrived,
yet my path has differed
in the wants and desires.
I know of my cradle,
I know of the knowledge
whereas would I find the same peace.
There is no one to lift me
in my isolation
I live to judge.
Is this the kingdom of God
and to tell in ways unconvincing,
there are dreams.
The dreams are merrier
as the source
and now the dance of cosmic
is only visible to me
a pact is made
to bid away my gloom
a bit by bit
a part by part.

Shri Ganesh Chaturthi

The needs of the mortal,
what forgiveness one has to ask
the hands rise to the One-Tusked Lord,
what piety or what belief
to invoke the truthfulness of a being,
the earth may no longer be a grave of cravings,
to the whole ultimate self,
if may I could belong what path
O Lord! Riddance from the sins, frailties, of ignorance,
in whatever direction the trust should empower,
let the world be have that shinning light of yours.

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

Thoughts Alone

Those fragmented by the thoughts only
should be the earth ruled by the conviction only
tested against,
but in favor of the best
should nothing be done
when a mother loses her life in lieu of her child,
when a kid is washed ashore,
when a gadget burst away a person's life,
it doesn't meant to be over
like a thought,
or a little of a better thought.

कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी


a heart flutters over
the beat of dholak,
the words of bhajan falls suitably
on my mind,
few more moments auspicious
of this Saawan Somwar,
I hear of dispersion
after hours of selfless devotion,
outside everything is different,
timetabled transport and traffic lights,
the haul of people for direction and purpose,
leaning across the pavement business beggar children,
the journey to the home
filled with no anticipation,
a prayer on the lips
this eternity becomes me.
dholak: a musical instrument like drum that is tapped with hands.
bhajan: religious song
saawan: rainy season
Somwar: Monday