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Tuning a Day

Five Winter Haiku

each bud
in a distance of bloom

coveted space,
the parallel lines


an hour
of the river away...
stroke noise


two or three-some
the mist is all
to envelope


staggering path
and the devout of

The Idea Behind "Footprints"

Originally published at Goodreads

Questions are the path which the modern women undertake. I remind of an ad here where a woman emphasis to do her job and not being a distraction. When we talk about feminism, overburdening ourselves thus in futile attempt to reach everyone affected. However, my experience has been different. I choose to rest, to think and to act. The helping hand behind my success might be number of resources but importantly I believe myself. 
Listening to one’s own instinct is basic to humans, why only women. The flaw limits however, because not every independent path is a right path. We learn from our experiences, our mistakes and thus, we become the results of our efforts.

Footprints is devised on the emotions communicated from the collective efforts of the women that mattered from history to those striving through contemporary dilemmas. Not every age and time tells us everything that runs in the foreground and background of our lives but it is worth to at least recog…

Flattering Peace

the chord has been left,
a playing flute's music
once again to step in,
has the time turned up
to his master
I have taken few pains
to my heart
and now midst the gadgetry
I have become the dissolution of
atoms and ions
I am not.