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Have you already endorsed Yoga

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Challenges modern women are facing are upscale and undefined in the pattern of living. When someone asks me how you visualize today’s women answering at quick note when needed, I tell them why not. Women are no less, not a metaphor, in any field. 

Yoga is important as we are celebrating International Yoga day, we also blur the discrepancy of gender inequality. Yoga helps women as anyone to maintain, heal and restore health at mental, physical and spiritual levels. It is now easy to distinguish as women are empowered in outdoor and office jobs that conditions related to them are discussed more openly than before. In fact, women suffer more age and phase related diseases as compared to men. 

Yoga being a complete therapy, rejuvenating through activation of chakras, flow of elemental air and when combined with Ayurveda defines an enlightenment of jiva atma towards atmic self. Women are better healed because of their constitution. Earlier it was said, they are weaker sex but now hormonal and weight change can create a more rapid consciousness as they progress in life.

For me, yoga leads to healthy life but better life. It is pertinent the future belongs to women who practice positive outlook and practices in life. The way is already open, may be less discernible because of the duties. In an ultimate truth, it comes out they are handling and overcoming obstacles.


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