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With This Will

First Published on Link.

There's nothing to conquer in this sky,
and it's not theirs nor ours
if it's cut enough to be your roof,
tight as mist around,
transpires to shed inhibition,
completely takes in its horizon,
dark and darkest burning misery and tears,
that there is no fear
of losing the Earth beneath
not adopting your dream feathers
always insistent, rather camouflages well
with each uphill task in desire,
with this will
you've become free,
free of everything.

Yogic Pose

Poem first published on Boloji. Link

The jumbled words
of speeches, system, materialistic world
harrowed voices, the stridor,
symptom of the cold
will no longer be
a being.
Loktantra, its strong roots
deep into the precipice of Mother Earth
will hold
every stem cell,
will stand tall
like a shade, a pillar,
looking into the eternity
vice versa.