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Fruit and Other Poems

the duties are conferred
a scratch that one ignores
itches more.
You place the Bible, the Koran or the Gita
in one's hand,
tell them to close eyes.

The mind's inner sanctum is now full,
enough sunshine through a day.
A mere puppet collapses
somewhere, behind the curtains
a papa's girl cries to the applause.
Warriors have no name to identify
unforgiving fruit of hell snarls,
each one sits with one's own platter
the song runs,
the lights turn dim.

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Echoes, my new poetry book

Echoes published by Write India is recently released in September.  It has been an amazing experience to through them once again and truly as desired they echo through mind and soul.

Here is blurb at back of book:

Consistency where life frames women in different roles and you feel inhabited.

In such serenity I sit and think saturated with thoughts.  A woman speaking of in her element perennially devises how way further will be for her without the barriers of struggle.  Nature is succour.  One easily connects with primal action born of thought. As innate as vital energy of mind and body, the poems here touch aspects of womanhood subliminally.

It would not be in woods or meadows far reaching only through echoes, it would beat deep inside throbbing and touching through aspects of life.

A Poem from Echoes:

Cold winds with those dark clouds
on my sky are my aspirations
where horizon of blue sublime,
tiny corpuscles of lime,
from where I have sprung and this haste
do I even know the melody…

Again the Sky

First published on Literary journal.

Today showered again the sky I wondered if soaking the streets I choose to ignore.
Small leaves sprout and crawl inside me, branches spread out, straws are collected nests are created.
Lone pathway on feet speck of air or earth so full, and my own heart's silence in this moment's time.

Haiga - Glancing Into