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Positively Speak Your Mind

Speak your mind, women. Does this adheres to societal acceptance? We find statues complaining about women presence on viral due to vague reasons. We also find various terms singularly associated to subdue their energy and efforts.

The other way round is let a fellow speak his/her mind and add to dialogue, extend it and bring to your point of view. The common consensus would not be there but where we have already recognized certain foundation of truth or belief. To run against a tide is important in certain campaign, that is another story.

Positively includes making use of present positive energy around you. You should be able to connect to people, not genuinely women only. Your idea should be a little far fetching or wholesome. When one listens you in crowd, one should be able to relate to it when one goes to one's place and give time in one's busiest life to think about it.

Idea is more of a philosophical term. We often as women tend to prejudice ourselves on ethical and moral d…

The Law of Present

I have learned one thing in life, from situations I have been in, from people, from events that involve me and them. From any perspective the present is a perfect healer. If you have doubts and want to decide on continuing partnership with an institute, you can rely on present that has build up on past working portfolio. One tends to muse on intricately when one is either alone or his/her sphere involves with metaphysical issues, or ideologies of humanity, love or peace.

There are similar events in personal life. Whether it is about simplicity or complexity, a human behaves per se human capacity. Set time limits are defined even by law to reconsider decisions related to civil cases. We cannot change some other laws because of necessity of work/issue kind. However there is no denying fact as we are in highly active environment, both body and soul undergo great transition.

Changes do not necessarily mean that we can be simultaneously sync with our beliefs. This necessitates significant ti…

On Blue of Sky

मैं सोचूंगी जब आकाश नीला
बेमौसम बरसात के बादलो से विरक्त
फैलायेगा सुनहरी किरणें

काश! मैं भी किसी उन्मुक्त
परिंदे की तरह
उड़ सकती,
पा सकती आपने होंसले की कहानी

पर चादर फैलाये कितनी दूर
तक हैं नभ
मैं भी तो||

On blue of sky I will ponder
cloudless after a nonseasonal rain
effusing golden rays

wish I could also be free
like a bird
learn about my trust story

but blanket is stretched
of this sky
of mine too.

Unhindered Wind

मनचली हवा बह चली
इठलाती हुई
उन राहों से, उन गलियों से
जिनमे में बसते थे
झुरमुठ चौराहे

सरक जाती हैं साँस
रुक जाते हैं कदम

हवा, बह जाने दो
उन संकरे रास्तो से
उन खुले बगीचों से
जो सांध लगाये बैठे रहेगे
अगर छेड़ो ना||

Unhindered wind blows away
from those passages, those avenues
where in prevailed
busy crossroads

strides down breath
the steps stop

wind, let it blow
to those restricted roads
to those open meadows
being on vigil ever
if lie undisturbed.

To believe in oneself, one has to start with oneself

You could hold a mirror and take the impression as your truer self. Our outer personality does reflect what we have come so far but exactly does it wholeheartedly. To take pain of everything that goes into our work or our life is not always possible. An another scenario exists for our battleground. These are nitty gritty tasks to form a planner, organize, prepare, rehearse, present and networking. The actual scene is full of ideas, turmoil, soul searching, ethical planning and communicating. What others give us forms an encouragement. We believe that a positive feedback came from actual review of our output. However true, the other side to it is its productivity. If it is consistency, it works. If the situation changes, has dynamic shifts so as to ask for better responsibilities and results then one is gradually secluded to a team or oneself for entire new processes.

There are often phases of disillusionment. Could a process be ever smooth? To look back, reminiscing/studying how one ha…

Incessant Rains and Freedom


Vast meadows singing our dreams
pulsating in ongoing beat of drum

A little laugh over the shores
a little less when there are rough tides
but a mild weather where heart throbbing goes
watch the sunset like glowing disc
in horizon of burning midnights

Here we sit and tell stories
scary and well tallied in regions deep valley
there grows an undergrowth by our resting tents
and a stark light on gate chaffing all worries.

incessant rains
to dwell in clouds
floating over the sky

birds flying
the thunder of sky
is heard
and heart rises to
cirrus clouds

उड़ते हैं आकाश में
खुले अरमानो के संग
इन दिनों में जब
ठण्ड बताती हैं हिम्मत की
जारी जंग

roaming in the skies
in colors of ambitions
in this days when
the cold measures will of
continuing battle

Today Like Once

Today like once
buzzing heart,
earth smelling air,
vibrating garden flowers,
in welcome of birds
the branches of trees swaying,
waters receding to
the shore to those shining pebbles
has been asking question
would you be staying here
waves never been with the shore
river has been on course
and the sunlight encompassed
in its warmth
a mirror.

आज पहले की तरह
गुनगुनाता हैं मन,
सोंधी सोंधी हवा,
झूमते फूल बगिया के,
पक्षियों के आवागमन में
पेड़ो की टहनियाँ लहरा रही हैं,
पानी लौट कर आता हुआ
किनारे पर उन चमकीले पत्थरों से
जैसे पूछ रहा हो
तुम यही टिके रहोगे क्या
जैसे लहरों ने कभी किनारा थमा ना हो,
नदिया बह निकली
और सूरज की लौ ने समेट
लिए हो अपने अंचल में
आईना ||

A Day or A Journey

This has been a day or a journey

no story about the night

the roads are with open delight

when taken

there has been a question

With time

sometimes without

like bird’s nest  on big tree

advertisement on walls are read

people pass by

I didn’t knew

the ways divide

with their own ambitious self.

यह सुबह थी या कोई सफ़र

जब रात पर भी नहीं कोई संदेह

खुले दरवाजों से हैं रास्ते

कभी गुज़र कर देखो

एक परेशान सवाल ||

कभी वक़्त होता हैं

कभी सिमट जाता हैं

ऊँचे पेड़ो पर जैसे चिड़िया का घर

दीवारों पर इश्तिहार पढ़

लोग गुज़र जाते हैं ||

मैं जानती नहीं

रास्ते बदल जाते हैं

अपनी किस्मत के साथ ||

Tanka #18, #19, #20 Heights

who is in despair
the eyes open
to light
to life full of joy
and compassion

something of heights
we are scared of
could be
a delight in seeing
things as are

there are those walls
one raises inside
and fall
to little breeze
of love and trust

Tanka #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17 A Day and Another Time

Image Source:

moors were waiting
till the sunshine
waves on waves
shimmering off
on run


there is no promise
on a random day
it' more
about the sun setting
in tints across waters


hear I must
to hearts' content
to delve, to think not
how deep a well is
in seasons


and a quill
I leave behind in grasses
as if some song
could still be heard
could still be played


a glimmer of rock
prodded, spunned and moist
how stationary rests
not so fragile
in eyes and ears


the street
unaccompanied by
a thought
in sojourn a flight
of herons in sky


pot soil is wet
sans air moisture
twigs bare
themselves with
last tuft at end


for two more days
as isolated by days
as by nights
an opening bud to
reveal its hue

Tanka #6, #7, #8, #9 Weather

it is the thing
with weather
you chose to obey
turn on light in heart
blip to a tune


would be
surrounded on the lake
alighting finding
a common ground
between the Earth and the Sky


these old signs
being there all the time
in the world
in slow and gradual pace
in breath of life


should I again
run like a small child
or in disguise
with birds and breezes
of this season

they said it is only
topology for new
color on block

तीखे तेज़ बारिश की बूंदे

तीखे तेज़ बारिश की बूंदे
कुछ लहरा कर आती हुई
कुछ बह कर जाती हुई
कुछ पलट जाती हैं रह से
कभी ऐसे समुंदर भी

क्या यह भी समय हैं

कभी सरगम नहीं
कभी एक कदम की सिरहन
तो कभी बातो का कबीला
छा जाता हैं गलियारे में||

Tanka #4 Stillness

many pass by
without a thought


or would be a cure
the mist surrounds my mind
in hazy loom

Tanka #3 Vastness

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you have promised
me your vastness and I
followed dreams
of sky this is limit
I could hear a sigh


soft demure of a grassland
as I could hear a drop splitting
mist spreading over


whorls of flowers
flow on edge of my palm
on hint of color
I know of many summers
this red, that red, a little red


Someday when I will write next line to a line that felt blank and succinct to washing shores will too with the flow as they are etched to find a home of own, I will return to home where a sparse rain has yielded drenched grass flowers, where my smile is awaited and sitting by simmering served soup bowls gradually we will talk about the rest.

A New Year Soiree

First Published on Different Truths.

A night when ushers into new dawn
tripping on the past without exhaustion,
a momentary persuasion is life
this does not ends, burning a bright flame
our least possibilities, meagre circumstances
sometimes in deep trench of ocean
only we know the crystal shape of forms,
languidly to hang upon the sky, cast its stars
even when we go by unnoticed in cold wind
the music we hear, hum and laughter to share.

The lights chime hold on to close breath
and little anecdotes what life has in for surprise
a creaking door is closed,
all the dew on roses in vivid path
the fireplace opens up a circle
in half sleep, sleepiness, and a busy chatter
the Sun glows behind hills,
bells in synchronous and early resolutions.