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Haiga to me to you

Tanka My Boots

Has Always Been

First Published on Poem Hunter

Once wide open
does seems the world is
riding on breeze
for a moment of thought

my pen is pouring
celebration of life, an afterthought
in own musing of ideas
where a tear is no longer a fear
nothing devises as found in

eternal or has always been.

Love Is

Love Is

a tender feeling
among silent or speaking hearts
chasing their dreams or in pain

and in infinity this life lies
which they tell us do now or never
in probability

thus how mute those steps may be
find their eternal home
now and ever

in din or shade
in tears most.

An Idea Future

Future as enticing does it seem improbable is.

Future is a perfect noun today. When in the past we could accommodate ourselves with predictions based on our lifelines and family heirloom, we largely differ today because we are interesting in manner another.

Future is an ensemble of people, matter and material, all which is inviting us to participate. There are few guidelines, almost no rules except tacit.

Here is where predictability fails and where exactly old rules start to refurbish unnecessarily because not they are old but this is new scene. It brings best among those we believe that golden stars are actually metallic and will favor near to inert perfect bonding.

What was this? Chronophobia. Specifically this idea came to me thinking what if we freeze this present and think there is no future. What if we are again live and have to live a future which is only probability but with certain loss of present memory.


Snuggling warmth of February Sun
a muffled sound of wind
and birds out of bushes
from din of a day
I look upon hidden meanings
if there are any,
had been there any game
joyful shrieks on merry-go-round
dallying between fairs
had my own steps not being incessant
walking home.

Open-Ended Questions and Advaita Vedanta

What we decipher through eyes could almost be a truth but is there need to confirm to everything. Prior to internet the world we lived in, we exchanged information in professional spheres. Social life was largely restricted in community sense. The cyberspace is today filled with ambiguous energy yet we are associating in new manner of extended social life on basis of interests, hobbies, etc.  Knowledge as we know of now has changed in its meaning and deliverance. As we are exposed, many open-ended questions arise. Knowledge is a continuing factor and when it persists we understand that we should and can avoid further difficulties. Thus these open-ended questions about world chaos, social indiscipline, issues like pollution, gender equality/parity become a consolatory afterthought. What should we be doing next? There are no active and legalized platforms where we can share and elucidate on various thought-provoking scenarios. Importantly when we find a case related to these scenarios …