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Haibun A Recipe for Immunity

Take a tsp of honey and two cloves of garlic. Good thing about immunity is to shape it into a reservoir of energy. Thus as aroma of garlic puts off, with a flat knife laid along the side of clove just press a little and then mildly sauteed in a pan with hint of olive oil. Much before the usual ardor of being brownish pull it out to a tsp of honey. Gambling is over.

same other corner
some other aroma
pickling fingers

Till the Lie Disappears

First Published on Readomania.

I did not know
that for most times
I write the truth, if not
the facts.

When the conversation
becomes grim,
tea, still warm to
the tongue,
sips in whole dialogue.

Should we skip
the bugs between our paths,
golden ears overlooking
the Sun among
washed out clouds.

But we tread,
as it takes
a routine till
the lie disappears.