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T.V. Gave Up

Galanthus nivalis - Wikipedia
This has been episode where a corrupt detective falls in one's own net to help the victim to get justice in Snowdrop. T.V. just stopped blinking. I tried many times before prime hour if some miracle could save me this day but nope.

Tomorrow I will be at my parent's home, already missing day repeat telecast. Other time I will be busy with indoor grass project. This summer has to be little different. There has been some Darwin theory but mostly birds jumps around the bushes.

Of episode there to look at human uncertainties quantifying life's pros and cons, how this relate to in particular condition. Snowdrop is not merely entertaining. Its plot includes corporate espionage, murder and child kidnapping. Not simply human emotions lack such grasp of arduous circumstances but reasoning of continual acceptance and drama reveals a deeper plot of cathartic relationships that strongly joined together in complex collective trust and independence.

When it occa…

Silent Calligraphy

you Choose yours Choices

Typically why new diets, fashion trends, foreign or exotic vacation spots entice us for a quick at solace from our maddening life, have we found it yet. Our challenges are more hidden than choices we make daily.

Our environment calls for our active participation. A day spent at mall is important than shopping (even window shopping). Few choices one can make being there. How penumbra of display that colludes our decision making is not important.

To easily grasp why our reluctance to adopt an informed behavior is stupid, one could be dumb in the silence of a elevator or with sheer lighter bags with no purse or wallet.

The movements we have affected let us form a new environment where we are learning to choose. Choices are for later time. It is fun mingling and reconnecting with ourselves through maze of patterns than ever before. More exquisite than social media where it is certain that specific people can only be your friends.

It is a fond time watching people trying things as this appears…