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This Night

The sky was empty this night too

is illuminated by thunderous clouds

is there a way ahead

when I thought of breeze, rose flowers

moonshine dripping through masked moon

lets go a bit, there is turn at end to guide.


Tiny florets settle for night on bunch of leaves. It is dream sometimes till they grow, till there is time to decide their purpose. On a night stroll sweet fragrance will numb all thoughts than of moonshine that stands still.

night sky ...

what elapses there here too

When I Will Be There

few more turns

hills lost in transit …

old logs and ravines

Ringing of bells, chanting holy names is warmth beaten soul gets at temple. A glimpse bereft of distance from deity, created appearances due to pollution safety measures does not raises still voice. There are internet tools, RTIs, grievance portals and perhaps this time a near realization of Shri Ram temple at Ayodhaya.

It is destiny we believe could be averted when dawn wavelengths touch me tomorrow, when I will be there where answer comes from.