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Time Lapse

There is nothing
or there is not

there is ray and
warmth of it for long to stay

I hear shriveling words

in autumn and cold

when the Sun sets

some grass is burnt
at edge of horizon.


Ragas   17 August 2018

Vedanta - Introduction

God is Father and Mother. We may not acknowledge our deepest sincerity but we often may remark “May in name of God”, “O God! I did that”, or “Our work is good.” We exemplify goodness, the path of dharma in our everyday life.

Is Vedanta only a philosophical thought or as entrenched in our lives that we don’t know. When somebody or something starts to personify a model example without the element of duality we might start to feel encouraged to follow the route. How relevant is it by merely setting a goal? It has been there all the while since Daauper yug or Treta yug went. We followed saints and personality figures while being as near to the goals of dharma, being righteousness.

Vedanta is a spiritual and religious aspect of our life. It is certainly more than what eyes could observe and pass by noting the world’s business. It is participation in healthy psychological and sociological manner in advance society where we could fight many refuting claims about culture and dharma.

There is als…

long day haiku

things we hide

clouds shape, jungle berries and broken glass

how tough is it to learn a good lesson


sound buzzes across the night

I will wake up first or somebody

that there is good chance of survival


Little Acts of Goodness

“There is something to an exception that creates an event or emphasise value.”

We value gestures and acts. Out of regular we seek to find exception. One gets ready everyday and spends in some fruitful manner. However some may find lessons when they are required to deal with something else. Helping an old person to cross the street in busy traffic rather than monitoring him from bus stand while you wait for your bus. Being different does not makes a difference neither doing tasks specially or exceptionally. Doing simple tasks the way they should be achieves more benefits.

These events bring sunshine and happiness in life which affirms something or other in life of a person, propels to think in constructive manner towards life.

Haibun - Darshan

After darshan at Jwala ji, I would sit conscientiously reminiscening if everything went right. There are numerous turns to each sanctum but it is interesting how we belong to grander design.

third temple arch ...
we fill with coins
when not flowers
Navratri is significant Hindu festival which most women observe twice a year. Every time prominent personality of Goddess Durga with nine forms is bound to leave impressions on Her devotees.

Women to be particular have their own affirmations to fight evil and spread prosperity. Women empowerment have gain every space in the universe. We can address and understand every issue related to us and humanity. There is no distinction as Supreme Goddess herself depicts the possibilities in all manner.

It is time that we should keep illuminating this path and educate coming generations the role of women in society. Doing is not enough. The role of women should be recognised to let her contribute further with ease and meaning.

On Navratri we celebrate and observe fasting because intrinsically we believe we are leading somewhere due to who we are and we should encourage others by telling them how to be purposeful and worthy.

Haiga - Glancing Into

Women Assertion, Why is it important on Internet

“One idea opens up another opportunity to understand our world.”

Women on internet should not be like cattle on field having no idea where they are and what they are supposed to do. What should be a norm and how should process follow on a gender neutral platform. Every technology or discipline brings new avenues to discuss and contemplate on the role of women.

Being assertive is an advantage one should seek of basic education. Not even a system with or without human intelligence can work out solutions and possibilities for its people but people associations have led to better environments at workplace and society.

This is natural law implementation where consumer’s or applicant’s position and status matter in order to judge the full circumstances. Internet while has bloomed into number of showcasing websites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but as compared to the advantages which are available via search and ads are limited.

This post is not an endorsement for any product. Our b…

नदी के किनारे

एक  पत्थर  भी अगर पानी पर मारो
तो आवाज  होती हैं
पत्थर  मारना  कोई गलती नहीं होती
नदी के छोर  अक्सर तह  होते हैं
मगर पानी के बहाव सा कैसे बहे

कैसे उसकी लहारो में लेहरती  किरणो को पिरोयू
कैसे उसकी गहराहीयो को पहचानु
कैसे ना डरू उसके बहाव से
लगातार छुट्ते किनारे इस आज़ादी से

कभी आवनमना ना करना यही सिखा है
मगर जब संगीत बन जाता है
उस पार जाती हुई ये नदी
तो क्या मै केवल एक क्षण बन कर रह जाऊ
उसके किनारो पर|