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Vedanta - Introduction

God is Father and Mother. We may not acknowledge our deepest sincerity but we often may remark “May in name of God”, “O God! I did that”, or “Our work is good.” We exemplify goodness, the path of dharma in our everyday life.

Is Vedanta only a philosophical thought or as entrenched in our lives that we don’t know. When somebody or something starts to personify a model example without the element of duality we might start to feel encouraged to follow the route. How relevant is it by merely setting a goal? It has been there all the while since Daauper yug or Treta yug went. We followed saints and personality figures while being as near to the goals of dharma, being righteousness.

Vedanta is a spiritual and religious aspect of our life. It is certainly more than what eyes could observe and pass by noting the world’s business. It is participation in healthy psychological and sociological manner in advance society where we could fight many refuting claims about culture and dharma.

There is als…